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General Work-Based
Learning Questions
Phone: (619) 388-2701

Katlin Choi
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Phone: (619) 388-2734
Email: kchoi@sdccd.edu

Shawn Fawcett
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Phone: (619) 388-2340
Email: sfawcett@sdccd.edu

Pavel Consuegra
Internship Coordinator
Phone: (619) 388-5072
Email: pconsuegra@sdccd.edu

Maci Gerber
Project Assistant
Phone: (619) 388-5897
Email: mgerber@sdccd.edu

Work-Based Learning 

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interested in participating in work-based learning? 

Learn about Mesa events or activities available to help you explore and prepare for careers by clicking on each phase of WBL below. Ready to participate in WBL? Fill out the WBL student online participation request or contact the Work-Based Learning Team today!

WBL Continuum

Benefits of wbl for students:

  • Explore industries and career options
  • Connect academic learning with real-world experiences
  • Achieve motivation to learn, confidence in skills, and completion rates
  • Engage and network with industry professionals
  • Understand workplace expectations, create awareness of required training, and perform  positive employment habits
  • Gain relevant experience and develop in-demand technical skills and career competencies


Follow the WBL Team @SDMesaWBL for career updates and information about WBL activities at Mesa College!

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