Honors Contract


Spring 2021 Honors contract is now open!

the Deadline to submit the completed contract is march 12, 2021

STEP 1: Select a course that qualifies to be converted into an Honors course. 

Note: Courses must meet ALL of the following requirements to be eligible for conversion:

  • The course must be at least 15-weeks long (shorter courses, such as 4-week and 8-week courses do not qualify for Honors contracts).

  • The course must be transfer level (“transfer level” courses qualify towards transferring to a university. Remedial courses do not qualify as “transfer level.”

  • During this time when we are mostly online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online courses that meet the requirements above, ARE eligible to be converted into an Honors course.

STEP 2: Ask your professor! For the course(s) you want to convert to Honors, discuss your interest with your professor before submitting your contract.

Note: Be prepared to explain why you are interested in pursuing additional study in this course. If your professor is willing to create a contract with you, schedule an appointment with them to create the Honors contract.

STEP 3: Create an honors contract in collaboration with your professor that includes:

  • Between 3 - 5 additional Honors Assignments.
  • Honors assignments that combine to equal between 25-33% of your overall grade in the course.

STEP 4:  Submit your Honors contract online using the following link.

Honors Contract

STEP 5: Give yourself a pat on the back!