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1/23 Catalyst! One Day Teaching Conference
The Faculty Professional Learning Committee
A one day teaching conference at Mesa January 23rd, 2019. Topics included: Culturally Responsive Teaching, Building Community, Active Learning, and more!
1/22 New Faculty Institute
1/23 New Faculty Institute
1/24 Spring Convocation 2019
2/1 Community and Conversation: Equity vs Equality
2/1 Closing the Equity Gap: Student Centered Teaching & Learning
This course provides participants the time and opportunity to explore culturally responsive and project-based teaching practices that challenge us to change the way we teach. Participants will form communities of practice around one book and implement a more thoughtful and deliberate approach to teaching that results in true learning partnerships to ensure student success.
2/27 Bringing NCORE Back: Adjunctification as a Barrier to Achieving Equity
2/28 Digital Learniing Day
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3/1 Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement (CORA) 
Most people don't intend to be racist, sexist or homophobic, or even consider themselves capable of discrimination or bias.Yet, researchers say, people often engage with the world around them unaware of the subtle and sometimes unconscious beliefs they hold about difference, including skin color, gender or sexuality. Drs. Harris and Wood have identified the RAVEN approach as a practical way to address microaggressions. This interactive session will provide a brief overview of microaggressions and the remaining session is focused on analyzing and interpreting actual scenarios.
3/1 Community Conversations 2018 Transfer Report: Disproportionately Impacted Students
How are historically underserved students navigating the transition to a four year institution? Let's talk about what's happening and how we can make a difference.

3/1 The Best Practices for Teaching Community College Students- What Works!
3/8 Community Conversations - Equity
3/8 More Than a Word
More Than A Word analyzes the Washington football team and their use of the derogatory term R*dskins. Using interviews from both those in favor of changing the name and those against, More Than A Word presents a deeper analysis of the many issues surrounding the Washington team name. The documentary also examines the history of Native American cultural appropriation.

3/14 MESA HSI Pre-Conference

Dr. Gina Garcia, Dr. Leticia Lopez
2:00pm-4:00pm | LRC435 | Flex#100884

3/15 MESA HSI Conference
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Gina Garcia
More Info Here

While we have continued to make huge strides to better support our students, one common area that seems to recur across all HSI institutions is that of service – we have enrollment numbers, populations of Latinx students are growing, but what does it truly mean to serve our students? If the designation of HSI is “Hispanic-serving institution”, how are we serving our students and communities? For the purpose of this first conference at Mesa College – the 2019 HSI Conference – this year’s theme is, “What does it mean to serve as a Hispanic-Serving Institution?"

3/20 Community Conversations - Data Driven Solutions

Johanna Aleman, Claudia Estrada-Howell
11:30 am - 1:00pm | LOFT Flex#100830

Are you a part of the solution? Let's talk about how we can continue to make a positive impact for our students.

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