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June 5-7, 2018

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Keynote Speakers- Dr. J. Luke Wood and Dr. Frank Harris III
The Community College Equity Assessment Lab (CCEAL) is a national research laboratory under the Interwork Institute at San Diego State University. CCEAL support community colleges with research, assessment, and training activities that support the success of historically underserved students of color.

AFT-How to Keep Our Union Strong & Membership Benefits - AFT President Jim Mahler
Unions are under attack across the country. Find out how to keep our union strong and our shared values intact and learn about our membership benefits as well.

AFT-Know Your Contract, Questions & Answer - AFT President Jim Mahler
Do you know your contract? Learn, ask and explore your contract with an expert.

Business Services 101 - Virginia Enriquez, Marco Chavez
The Business Services office provides budget support for General Fund, Co-Curricular, Special Funds, Grants and Contracts. How does that apply to you and your job. Learn how to use Business Services to your benefit.

Shhh, It's Classified - Alan Goodman, Trina Larson
There's a form for that!  
Perks of Being an Education Employee.
What is the Classified Senate?

Sketchnote - Katie Palacios
Sketchnotes are as much a method of note taking as they are a form of creative expression. Sketchnotes are purposeful doodling while listening to something interesting. Sketchnotes don't require high drawing skills, but do require a skill to visually synthesize and summarize via shapes, connectors, and text. 

Walking Tour 
Are you at your desk all day every day?  Do you know where to find the various landmarks on campus?  Join this walking tour and gain a new appreciation for our beautiful Mesa Campus!

NCORE and Conferences and Travel for Classified Professionals - Charlie Lieu, Johanna Aleman, Mary Toste, Yolanda Catano, Eva Parrill
Each year, President Pam sends a team of Faculty, Classified, and Administrative Employees to NCORE (National Conference On Race and Ethnicity). Participants in the conference explore and experience issues of race, ethnicity, sovereignty, transnationalism, intersectional identity, social justice, immigration, and more.  In this session, attendees will bring back what they've learned, and share information about applying for next year.  

Events, Promotion & More - Jacqueline Collins and Anabel Pulido  
Is your department planning a large event?  Attend this session to learn tips to make planning go smoothly and increase attendance!  

Introduction to Professional Learning Badges - Katie Palacios
Our badge program provides Mesa employees with focused skill-based fully-online learning experiences. Badge earner names go on display in the LOFT and are cool to add to your list of professional accomplishments! Learn more in this session.

Retirement + CalPERS, 403B/457 - Joel Romero
A detailed look at CalPERS including: reviewing your calculation, calculating sick leave, understanding options, information about disability and survivor benefits, reading your PERS statement and how to use a supplement plan to fill any income gap for retirement. 
If you started BEFORE 1/1/2013 you will want to attend:
Wednesday 10:30am-11:45am session.
If you started AFTER 1/1/2013 you will want to attend:
Wednesday 9:00am-10:15am session.

Financial Literacy: The Tax Man Cometh
Learn the basics of income tax, issues to consider when filing, and strategies to use so you can avoid paying too much to Uncle Sam

Financial Literacy: Your Credit & You
Credit: What is it?  Do you really need it?  How do you manage it? Attend this session to learn the answers to these questions about one of your most important financial tools.

Financial Literacy: Investment Fundamentals
So you'd like to be a millionaire?  Come learn the basics as well as important strategies regarding investing your money wisely.

CPR/AED/ First Aid Training - Jim Fegan
This course is designed to prepare you to administer CPR and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) in a safe, timely, and effective manner. 
If you would like to receive Red Cross Certification Card, please bring check or cash $20.

ALICE Active Shooter Training - DeAnn Griffin
College Police will be providing ALICE (Active Shooter) training to our campus. Safety is everyone's responsibility and learning these types of skills can make the difference in an emergency.  ALICE is based on the premise that information, authorization and proactive training are the key to surviving the Active Shooter. Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.  

Financial Planner Consultation Sessions (12 person per session maximum) - San Diego Financial Literacy Center
Enhance your Financial IQ!  One on one planning session with a pro bono financial professional.  Ask any question about finances you may have.  Areas of expertise include: Debt Management Planning, Savings Plan Development, Retirement Planning, Entrepreneurship, Student Loans, Budgeting, Investing, Insurance, And more!

Meeting Facilitation
Meetings! Are they viewed with disdain and seen as a waste of time, or are they anticipated and viewed as an opportunity to work as a team and make an impact? In this session you will learn efficient and effective ways to facilitate meetings.
Meditation and Mindfulness - Jeff Zlotnick
Clear your mind and relax your body on your journey to inner peace.

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Lunch will be served to all Classi-Con Participants
Tuesday: Sandwiches/Salads
Wednesday: Paella (Sorry, no vegetarian option)
Thursday: Tacos

thursday IS SPORTS DAY

Games include:
Backyard Games
Casino Games

Stick around for the Closing Ceremony for opportunity drawing and to see which team will take the trophy!