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The Faculty Professional Learning Committee (FPLC) hosts Catalyst! in service of its purpose: to establish a culture that promotes shared ideas and to develop learning activities based on student success and faculty needs, explore relevant methodologies for teaching and learning, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and use research to inform professional learning programming.

If you have any questions please contact Waverly Ray at

Session Formats:
1. 15-minute Lightning Round (10-minute presentation plus 5 minutes of Q&A)
2. Poster Presentation (1-hour session with multiple posters displayed)
3. 80-minute Workshop (interactive session)

Proposal Elements*
1. Title
2. Brief description (approximately 25 words)
3. Detailed description (approximately 150 words)
4. Outcomes (What will attendees learn from participating in your session?)
5. LOFT professional learning focus area
6. Keywords

Proposal Criteria:
The following will be used to evaluate proposals.
1. Clarity
2. Relevance to FPLC's purpose (see above)
3. Appeal/Currency

*Please check your submission for typos as the content may be used in the Catalyst! program.

Proposal submissions due: Sunday, October 20, 2019.