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employee LEARNING committee

Campus Employee LEARNING Committee


  • Oversee the use of professional development fiscal resources for event programming.
  • Support the work of other campus groups with their professional development activities.
  • Oversee the use of The LOFT.
  • Evaluation of the professional development activities conducted during the year and an outcomes report to the campus.
  • Guide the work of sub-committees.


Ensure that the professional development activities are coordinated in a manner that support the campus’ strategic goals and direction and efficiently utilizes resources (fiscal, physical, human).

Reports to

Dean of Learning Resources and Academic Support and President’s Cabinet



  • Dean of Learning Resources & Academic Support (Co-Chair)- Andy MacNeill
  • Campus Professional Learning Coordinator (Co-Chair)
  • Academic Senate Rep- Erika Higginbotham
  • Basic Skills Committee/Transformation Grant Rep- Wendy Smith
  • Campus Event Staff- Taj George
  • CDAIE Rep- Judy Sundayo
  • Classified Professional Learning Committee Chair
  • Classified Senate Rep- Trina Larson
  • Conference and Travel Committee Chair
  • Dean’s Council Rep
  • District PD Rep- Clark Wilson
  • Faculty Professional Learning Committee Chair
  • HSI/V Professional Learning Coordinator- Denise Rogers
  • HSI/III Professional Learning Coordinator- Jennifer Carmichael
  • Humanities Institute Rep-George Ye
  • Instructional Lab Technician / Learning Resources- Todd Williamson
  • Instructional Designer- Katie Palacios
  • IT Rep
  • Manager Professional Learning Committee Chair
  • Mesa Foundation Rep
  • MT2C- Mark Manasse
  • Outcomes Assessment Committee- Kris Clark
  • Program Review Committee Rep- Madeleine Hinkes
  • Senior Clerical Assistant / LOFT- Eva Parrill
  • Student Equity and Success Committee Rep- Larry Maxey


  • Classified Professional Learning Committee
  • Conference & Travel Committee
  • Faculty Professional Learning
  • Management Professional Learning Committee


Upcoming Meetings (Held Monthly in the LOFT)

  • April 27, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
  • May 25, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


CEL Strategic Plan