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STEM Professional Learning Workshop: "Inspiring Courage to Excel in STEM"

Delivery:  One half-day workshop will be conducted for 25 participants.
Date: September 29, 2017, 9am – 1pm
Location: San Diego Mesa College, 7250 Mesa College Drive, San Diego, CA 92111
Where: LRC 435


NAPE Flyer Image LinkSelf-efficacy is defined as “the belief or perception that one is capable of organizing and executing the actions necessary to succeed at a given task.” Self-efficacy and self-confidence are student attributes that teachers and faculty can influence through micro-affirmations. Research has shown that people who maintain a high degree of self-efficacy are more agreeable in trying new tasks, are more resilient and persist with hard work when attempting to tackle difficult problems. In addition, they have greater interest, motivation, and engagement. The Inspiring Courage to Excel in STEM professional development (PD) will help educators and counselors learn key tenets of self-efficacy, and the powerful impact it can have on a student’s behavior within an academic setting. We will explore connections between self-efficacy and educational equity, outlining how marginalized students can benefit from an increased self-efficacy. Educators learn research-based strategies that can increase their students’ self-efficacy, positively affecting academic achievement, advancement, and resilience. This workshop will prepare educators to inspire courage in their students to excel by articulating the benefits of self-efficacy for students and by identifying behaviors associated with high and low self-efficacy. Educators will learn strategies to build student self-efficacy through intentional micro-affirmations and offer a turn-key coachable model for helping students build their own self efficacy. This workshop is geared for STEM faculty.

Materials & resources: NAPE will provide all curricular materials used in the workshop
Materials for 25 people

Inspiring Courage to Excel through Self-Efficacy Toolkit- 25 FREE toolkits