Instructional Deans' Council


The Instructional Deans' Council coordinates the day-to-day activities of the Division of Instruction and develops near and mid-term plans for instructional activities and initiatives.

Activities of concern include but are not limited to: Catalog and Schedule Development, Curriculum, Enrollment Management, Accreditation, Athletics, Research, Articulation, Tutoring, Faculty Hiring, Faculty Evaluation, Basic Skills, Student Learning Outcomes, Program Review, Instructional Technology, Distance Education, Instructional Equipment and Library Materials (IELM), New and Adjunct Faculty Orientation, Classroom Assignment, Staff Development, and Flex.

The Instructional Deans' Council provides management representatives from the Division of Instruction to serve on various campus committees.  Whenever necessary, the Council invites representatives from Administrative Services and/or Student Services divisions to attend Council meetings to resolve particular areas of mutual concern or to provide a forum for all-management training.

Members of the Instructional Deans' Council participate on an individual basis in many campus-wide activities, committees, and ad-hoc committees and report on those activities to the Council as a whole.