• Margie Fritch, Dean, Health Sciences and Public Service

Deans (2 Representatives):

  • Danene  Brown, Dean, Business and Technology
  • David Fierro, Interim Dean, Learning Resources and Tecnology

Faculty (6 representatives):

  • Todd Curran (Term ends 6/2013)
  • Ed Fields (Term ends 6/2014)
  • Erica Higginbotham (Term ends 6/2013)
  • Carlos Toth (Term ends 6/2013)
  • Walter Wesley (Term ends 6/2014)
  • Lisa Williams (Term ends 6/2013)

Classified (1 Representative):

  • Virginia Enriquez

Ex-officio (Non Voting):

  • Tim McGrath, Vice President, Instruction


1. Monitor and ensure College's Perkins projects are in compliance with district, state, and federal requirements and that they are reflective of the region's vocational and technical educational needs.

2. Make recommendations to the President's Cabinet concerning budget allocations and activities for Perkins projects.


Once in the fall semester or as needed to review progress for funded projects, and issues related to economic development initiatives.

Twice in the spring semester or as needed to review proposed projects for funding, and to determine allocations.


Three (3) year term limits for Faculty

Dean, Health Sciences and Public Service


  • 2 Representatives


  • 6 Representatives (5 Vocational Education, 1 Non-Vocational)


  • 1 Representative

Ex-officio (Non Voting)

  • Vice President of Instruction

Original: 2007Revised: 9/07; 9/17/08; 10/11/10; 2/8/11; 3/9/11, 9/07/11; 8/2/12; 12/6/12