• Review and modify as needed on a regular basis, and disseminate the program review handbook containing questions, criteria, guidelines and forms.
  • Determine and publish the schedule of programs and service areas in the five-year cycle.
  • Establish and publish timelines for the program review process.
  • Provide training and guidance on a regular and as-needed basis to groups and individuals.
  • Provide training workshops at least once annually to describe the program review goals and process.
  • Provide structured guidance to and collaboration with lead writers, department chairs and service area supervisors through the program review process; program review committee members will be assigned as liaison to each program/service area at the start of the process, and assist writers in assuring that program reviews are appropriately documented to support subsequent budgeting and hiring decisions.
  • At the conclusion of the program review process, prepare final written reports to be presented to the Academic Affairs Committee and then to the President's Cabinet.


2013-2014 Membership

Co-Chairs (4 Representatives):

  • Jill Baker, Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dina Miyoshi, Academic Senate Representative
  • Ebony Tyree, Student Services Representative
  • Kathleen Wells, Administrative Services Representative

Administrative (4 Representatives):

  • Jill Baker (Administrative Co-Chair)
  • David Fierro, Interim Dean, Learning Resources and Technology
  • Ashanti Hands, Dean, Student Affairs
  • Andrew MacNeill, Dean, Humanities

Faculty (14 Representatives):

  • Manny Bautista
  • Anar Brahmbhatt
  • Brian Cushing
  • Anne Geller
  • Ian Kay
  • Cesar Lopez
  • Laura Mathis
  • Jonathan McLeod
  • Dina Miyoshi (Faculty Co-Chair)
  • Claude Mona
  • Bruce Naschak
  • Saloua Saidane
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Classified (4 Representatives):

  • Angela Liewen
  • Sue Saetia
  • Ebony Tyree (Student Services Co-Chair)
  • Vacant

Associated Student (1 Representative):

  • Vacant

Ex Officio (3 Representatives):

  • Ginger Davis, Administrative Support Staff
  • Brianna Hays, Campus-Based Researcher
  • Kathleen Wells (Administrative Services Co-Chair)

Consultant (1 Representative):

  • Toni Parsons, Curriculum Review Committee Co-Chair


Membership Summary


  • Administrative Representative
  • Academic Senate Faculty Representative
  • Student Services Representative
  • Administrative Services Representative


  • 4 Representatives


  • 14 Representatives


  • 4 Representatives

Associated Students:

  • 1 Representative

Ex Officio:

  • Administrative Support Staff
  • Campus-Based Researcher
  • Administrative Services Representative


  • Curriculum Review Committee Co-Chair



One Friday TBA each month, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., in I4-207 (or as noted next to meeting date)


Revised:10/04; 11/04; 9/06;10/06; 9/07; 3/08; 9/17/08; 12/1/09/ 3/17/10; 10/08/10; 12/15/10; 09/27/11; 2/8/12; 9/26/12; 11/2/12; 1/29/13; 8/30/13; 5/6/14; 6/5/14