To facilitate meaningful dialogue and assessment practices which support the ongoing improvement of student learning and institutional effectiveness. To provide planning, support, facilitation, communication, and leadership that will enable the achievement of college goals pertaining to learning assessment.

2014-2015 Membership
  • Rachelle Agatha
  • Julie Barnes
  • Leela Bingham
  • Kristan Clark
  • Jennifer Cost
  • Margie Fritch
  • Ed Helscher
  • Madeleine Hinkes (Chair)
  • Angela Liewen
  • Pam Luster
  • Andrew MacNeill
  • Marichu Magaña
  • Tim McGrath
  • Mariette Rattner
  • Susan Topham
Goals for 2013-2014
  1. Facilitate compliance with accreditation requirements.
  2. Envision what would constitute "Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement" at Mesa College; provide guidelines/benchmarks and support for its implementation.
  3. Enhance digital presence and online tools (including enhanced resources and user-friendliness of webpage).
  4. Facilitate the sharing and discussion of effective assessment practices across SLOs and AUOs, for example, Community of Practice.
  5. Continue to evaluate Mesa College's assessment resources & systems/mechanisms/structures and provide recommendations in support of continuous improvement.
  6. Expand meaningful institutional-level learning assessments.
  7. Engage in robust dialogue about the results of college-wide learning assessment.
Objectives for 2013-2014
  1. Review new ACCJC rubric and define how SCQI could best be achieved at Mesa, utilizing stakeholder input.
  2. Develop LATF website with enhanced resources and high impact practices at the local, state, and national levels (incl. "how to" tools).
  3. Communicate evidence of learning outcomes at Mesa.
  4. Support the planning and implementation of campus-wide opportunities for sharing effective practices, discussion and analysis of findings, and future institutional planning in this sphere.
  5. Fine-tune Taskstream by a) developing a wish list; and b) supporting an enhanced ability to retreive data from Taskstream in a useful format.
  6. Evaluate Taskstream.
  7. Run an institution-level ILO assessment report from Taskstream; Evaluate results and make recommendations to PIE regarding future institutional-level learning assessment.
  8. Review assessment models from other colleges; devise and implement assessment of ILOs, GE, etc.


Revised:10/17/14; 11/18/14