To facilitate meaningful dialogue and assessment practices which support the ongoing improvement of student learning and institutional effectiveness. To provide planning, support, facilitation, communication, and leadership that will enable the achievement of college goals pertaining to learning assessment.


Membership 2015-2016
  • Rachelle Agatha
  • Julie Barnes
  • Leela Bingham
  • Kristan Clark (Co-Chair)
  • Amy Cunningham
  • Ginger Davis
  • Margie Fritch
  • Ed Helscher
  • Madeleine Hinkes (Co-Chair)
  • Angela Liewen
  • Pam Luster
  • Andrew MacNeill
  • Marichu Magaña
  • Tim McGrath
  • Kim Perigo
  • Mariette Rattner
  • Saloua Saidane
  • Susan Topham


Meeting Schedule
Learning Assessment Task Force Meeting Schedule 2014-2015
COA Meeting Schedule for 2015-2016
Goals for 2015-2016
  1. Develop a formal reporting process for both end of year and end of cycle assessment data.
  2. Establish an informal process for recording discussions that happen in pockets.  A blog, repository, tweets, Facebook, etc.
  3. Clarification of outcomes and objectives.  Reassessing outcomes for the next cycle.
  4. Streamlining Taskstream as it reports out for Outcomes and Program Review.  Look at the Outcomes component in Program Review.
  5. Planning what the next cycle looks like and revisiting the ILO's.
  6. Conduct survey for Assessment users in Fall 2015.


Revised: 10/17/14; 11/18/14; 2/12/15; 4/23/15; 5/15/15