• Rachelle Agatha, Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Lynn Dang, Accounting Supervisor

Vice Presidents (2)

  • Tim McGrath, Vice President of Instruction
  • Julianna Barnes, Vice President of Student Services

Deans (1 representative):

  • Margie Fritch, Dean of Health Sciences and Public Service

Academic Senate (4 representatives):

  • Donna Duchow, Faculty at Large
  • Madeleine Hinkes, Chair of Chair or designee
  • Leslie Seiger, Faculty at Large
  • Anthony Reuss, Academic Senate designee

Classified (3 representatives):

  • Angela Liewen, Classified Senate President or designee
  • Thuan Le, Classified at Large
  • Carol Sampaga, Classified at Large

Associated Student Representative (2)

  • Vacant

Resource-Business Services Supervisor (1) (Non-Voting Member):

  • Erica Garcia

The Mesa College Budget and Allocation Recomendation Committee is a representative committee to be appointed through the shared governance process by its constituent groups. It is designed to engage on focused work in the development of priciples, recommendations and priorities for the Mesa's General Fund Unrestricted Budget. Recommendations will be brought directly to President's Cabinet. Detailed below is the specific charge to the Committee.

Committee Charge:

  • To develop a General Fund Unrestricted "operating budget" that carries out the Mission of the College as delineated in the College Master Plan;
  • develop and direct the process for long and short-term strategic planning;
  • review and assess the impact of budget reductions/increases;
  • justify the level of any additional funding in program allocations required to provide an appropriate schedule of classes and level of service;
  • justify the level of any reduction in funding in program allocations;
  • keep represented constituents apprised of the budget development process and solicit input as needed.

Decision-making Responsibilities:

  • By majority vote of the committee based upon a quorum

Advisory Responsibilities:

  • The committee, through the chairperson, will make recomendations to President's Executive Staff and President's Cabinet.
  • Meetings are scheduled the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 2:00pm – 3:30 pm in A-104A

Standing Committee Report(s)

  • As needed.


  • Shall be distributed to the President, President's Executive Staff, President's Cabinet, members of the Committee, and to the various governance councils.

(No term of office limit for the Vice President of Administrative Serivces, Vice President of Instruction, and Vice President of Student Services, Dean of Learning Resources and Informational Technology . Associate Students representative one year and the remaining members is 2 years.)

  • Vice President of Administrative Services (1) - Co-Chair
  • Classified Senate Representative (1) - Co-Chair
  • Vice President of Instruction (1)
  • Vice President of Student Services (1)
  • Dean, Health Sciences and Public Service (1)
  • Academic Senate Representative (4)
  • Classified Senate Representative (3)
  • Associated Student Representative (2)
  • Resource (1) Non voting Member - Business Services Supervisor

Original: 2/07; Revised: 9/7/07; 9/17/08; 10/08/10; 09/07/11; 02/28/13; 06/12/14