Support a Student

When you invest in a student at Mesa, you have invested well!

The San Diego Mesa College Foundation offers scholarships for students who are in specific academic programs, have met high leadership and/or academic standards, have disabilities, meet specific financial requirements, and there are general awards that combine all of the above!


The Tony & Lido Szeto Family Scholarship Endowment is accepting donations in memory of Tony and honor of Lido to help students achieve their dreams.  A successful businessman in South Vietnam, Tony began his life in San Diego working as a janitor, handyman, and/or gardener,  He appreciated hard work, saving, and education.   He believed an education was the way to change a life.  This scholarship is a way to honor Tony and Lido's sacrifice for their children, and the many beloved teachers they had.



Please join Jeremy Sanders, Mesa alumnus and vice president of the Mesa College Foundation.  He is creating the Entrepreneurial Endowed Scholarship for a Mesa student who is either an entrepreneur or would like to become one.  Click here to support this scholarship!


If you are interested in creating your own scholarship, please contact Anne Zacovic at 619.388.2285,


Program Specific Scholarships:

Animal Health

Architecture and Environmental Design





Chicano/a Studies

Dietetic Services




Allied Health



Interior Design



Math or Natural Science

Medical Assisting

Music, Drama, or Fine Arts

Exercise Science

Physical Sciences

Pre-med and Pharmacy


Speech and Debate


Scholarships for students meeting high leadership and/or academic standards

Associated Students

Asian Pacific Islander American Studies

The Chancellor's Scholarship

Phi Theta Kappa


Dr. Granville N. Moore Memorial

George and Evelyn Peterson Memorial

Learning Resource Center

President's Academic Excellence and Service Scholarship

Warren Keith Rigdon

Scholarships for students with disabilities

Braille Transcribers Guild

Francis X. Gold Memorial

Marianne Jennifer Evans Memorial

Scholarships for deserving students

Alfonso Perez Memorial Scholarship

Charles W. Patrick Memorial

Classified Senate

Dream, Strive, Persevere and Succeed


Gladys E. Carter Memorial

Hands Family

Iranian American

Krystal Rose

Larry Schwartz Memorial

Mesa Foundation

Murl Gibson Memorial for Foster Youth

Puente Program

Violet Little Flower