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African Art Collection

This collection provides an opportunity for students of many disciplines to enrich their knowledge of cultural practices.  For many students the collecition provides an opportunity to strengthen their sense of idenity and increases multicultural awareness.  An excellent educational resource, funds are needed to further curate the collection, making it available for research.




Your gift will give a student in the Honors Program the chance to present his/her research findings at a symposium, pay the transportation to visit local universities and colleges, or give these future leaders the opportunity to work less and study more by providing a scholarship.

The Honors Program provides students enhanced academic, leadership and service opportunites. Honors courses are offered in a variety of subject areas- all encouraging strong critical thinking, lively discussons, advanced research and writing skills, and student collaboration. Mesa Honors Students generally remain in an Honors Programs at their transfer institution, and continue their education through advanced degrees. Graduates of the program say, "The Honors Program taught me to love learning, and become a leader."

These are the achievers who will discover a cure for cancer, write the great American novel, create a sustainable way to recycle water. Be part of their future, and give now.


Jerry Schad Observatory and Scholarship

Jerry Schad was a much-loved, long-time faculty member and Physical Sciences Department chair at Mesa. Through his prolific writings, photographs, and star parties, as well as his role as a professor at Mesa College, Jerry inspired many students and community members alike to deepen their understanding of the natural world. A scholarship has been created in his honor and memory, as well as a special fund  to name the Observatory on the top of the Math Science Building in Jerry's honor. 


Speech and Debate  

It's critical thinking, it's being articulate. It's speaking publicly in a convincing, confident and concise style. It is a working laboratory for the future scientists, judges, doctors, and politicians; welcoming all students from all majors focused on improving their academic experience. It provides and hones the skills employers consistently mention they look for in employees. The Mesa team is regionally, nationally and internationally ranked, and the program is one of the finest examples of academic rigor. The students compete locally, statewide, nationally and internationally! These motivated students go on to complete their bachelor’s degree and most continue on through graduate programs.

The world needs more thinkers and researchers, and especially those who can communicate. 



Veteran Students - You can be a hero!

With your support, a student vet at Mesa College can ride out a financial storm and stay in college. Sometimes a veteran student has a financial emergency that can derail the dream of a college education. It might be something that in the big picture seems small - a higher than expected utility bill, replacing tires on a car, purchasing a textbook. But at the time, without a financial safety net, it can make a vet abandon a promising college career or workforce program.

This is your chance to help them have the life they fought so hard for!