Michelle Rodriguez, Academic Senate Representative

Content Manager:

Michelle Rodriguez


Roger Gallegos, Academic Senate Representative

Vice President


Facilities Manager (1 representative):


Cafeteria Manager (1 representative):


Reprographics Manager (1 representative):


Bookstore Manager (1 representative):

Carol Rohe

Public Information Officer (1 representative):

Faculty:7 Representatives (at least one representative from science, art, and disciplines with substantial environmental impact) appointed by the Academic Senate for three-year terms).

Jill Moreno Ikari

Scott Starbuck

Angela Oberbauer

Michelle Rodriguez

Leslie Seiger

Dwayne Gergens

Roger Gallegos

Valerie Abe

Akunna Winston

Ron Sandvick

Classified Senate (2 representatives):

Laura Mathis

Associated Students (2 representatives):

Angela Arreaga




The Environmental Stewardship Committee functions as a shared governance committee whose goal is to educate faculty, staff, and students regarding recycling, conservation, and hazardous waste disposal. The committee investigates projects and policies that encourage compliance with AB 75 andencourages the college to satisfy the guidelines of SABRC (State Agency Buy Recycle Campaign).The committee oversees sustainable development on campus and works with building committees and green architects. The committee reviews the annual AB 75 report, and summarizes the findings for the Academic Senate. The committee assesses campus needs regarding recycling and environmental stewardship and provides feedback to the president.




The committee will meet on one Monday a month from 1:15-2:15, or more often as needed.