• Co-Chair, Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Co-Chair, Saeid Eidgahy, Dean, Math & Natural Sciences
  • Co-Chair, Charlotta Robertson, Instructional Support Supervisor, LRC
  • Ivonne Alvarez, Student Services Supervisor
  • Nancy Bromma, Student Health Services
  • Nathan Betschart, Art Department
  • Melvin Clay, ILT, Chemistry
  • Barry Coleman, Stockroom Supervisor
  • Ella Walker, Child Development
  • Gemma Conine, Police Sgt.
  • Kandra Olsen, District Risk Manager
  • Lynn Dang, Accounting Supervisor
  • Jack Doherty, Lt, College Police
  • Dave Evans, Dean, Physical Education & Athletics
  • Matt Fay, Instructional Lab Tech, Biology
  • Michael Fitzgerald, Culinary Arts
  • Nathan Betschart, Art Department
  • Ngoc Tran, Math Department
  • Dawn Stoll, Disabled Students Programs & Svcs
  • Peggy Fischer, Animal Health Technology
  • Penny Hedgecoth, Reprographics Center Supervisor
  • Suzanne Khambata, Nurse, Student Health Services
  • Kevin Krown, Department Chair, Biology
  • Michael Lewis, Instructional Lab Tech, Physics
  • Kim McInytre, Mesa CE Representative
  • Alessandra Moctezuma, Art Gallery Director
  • Carole Rohe, Bookstore Supervisor
  • Erica Specht, Evening Duty Supervisor

The Mesa College Site Safety Committee provides a venue to address safety issues and promote safety in all areas across the campus. It also provides planning related to safety enhancements, emergency contingencies and disaster preparedness. The Safety Committee, together with other appropriate members and the President of Mesa College shall constitute the Safety Officers of Mesa College.

Committee meets monthly to review safety reports, workplace accident/injury reports and recommendations from Safety Officers, determine, plan and implement safety training, direct measures for hazard abatement, and promulgate workplace safety rules.


Fourth Thursday of the Month at 2:00 PM

(Committee does not meet over the summer (July/August)

  • Co-Chair, Vice President of Administration
  • Co-Chair, Learning Resource Center Supervisor
  • Co-Chair, Dean, Math and Natural Sciences
  • Member, Dean, Physical Education and Athletics
  • Member, Safety Officer, Chemistry Instructor
  • Member, Department Chair, Biology Instructor
  • Member, Department Chair, Art/Drama
  • Member, Department Chair, Allied Health Instructor
  • Member, Nurse, Student Health Services
  • Member, Regional Plant Operations Officer
  • Member, Reprographics Center Supervisor
  • Member, Mathematics Instructor
  • Member, Stockroom Supervisor
  • Member, Accounting Supervisor
  • Member, Student Services Supervisor
  • Member, Regional Police Commander-College Police
  • Member, Department Chair, DSPS
  • Member, Food Services Supervisor
  • Member, Bookstore Supervisor
  • Member, Computing Lab Supervisor
  • Member, Instructional Lab Tech, Physics
  • Member, Child Develoment Instructor
  • Member, Art Gallery Director
  • Member, Culinary Arts Instructor (M-Fusion Cafe)

Revised: 10/11/10; 11/3/10; 8/27/12; 10/3/12; 8/27/13/10/25/13