The Reprographic Center was established to assist faculty and staff in clerical and printing needs, which include: Copy/Print, Stapling, Collating, Book Binding, Immediate Copy Service, Mail Service, Fax Machine, on-line work orders and Voice Mail.

We are located in K-203, you can reach us at 619.388.2764, fax 619.388.2677.

Students can turn in work for their professors during our business hours by filling out a form and attaching their documents. We will time/date stamp and put in faculty mailboxes within 24 hours. (Students, please do not use our mailslot for your work to your professor)

  • Reprographic Center - K-203
  • Mail Room - K-203
  • Mail Boxes - K108B This area is for picking up mail only, if you want mail to go to the individuals who have mailboxes you must bring to K-203, the Production Services Assistant will put the mail in the boxes for you.