Purchase Order

Q: What is a PO?

A: “Purchase Orders are official documents used by the District to present offers by authorized District personnel to purchase specified materials and services at prices and terms quoted on the PO from the vendor to whom the PO is issued.”

Please click here and here for more information on POs.


Q: What expenditures are allowed on a PO?

A: Supplies (4000 category), services (5000 category) and equipment (6000 category).

Please click here for a list of the 4000, 5000 and 6000 categories.

Please click here for more information on supply/equipment determination.


Q: What paperwork do I need to submit to get a PO issued?

A: Along with a quote from the vendor, a Requisition form is required.


Q: How can I find out if the vendor I would like to use has been setup in our system?

A: Please call Business Services at 619-388-2771 and ask any of the staff.

If the vendor is not setup in our system, the following forms will need to be filled out by the vendor:

Vendor Intake


Once you receive the Vendor Intake and W-9 forms, please forward them to Business Services, A-102.


Q: I received an invoice from the vendor. What do I do with the invoice?

A: Please approve for payment on the invoice and forward it to Business Services, A-102.


***Please confirm with the vendor that they accept PO’s. Also, make sure to include the budget number and get all required approval signatures (bottom of requisition form).***


If you have any questions regarding Purchase Orders, please call Business Services at 619-388-2771 or email us.