Blanket Purchase Order

Q: What is a BPO?

A: ‘BPO’s are orders issued for a specified period of time (up to 1 year) and a specific total dollar amount. They are to be used to pick up or order supply items in small quantities as the need arises or enable partial payments on services.’

Please click here and here for the District's procedures on BPO’s.


Q: What paperwork do I need to submit to open a BPO?

A: A Requisition form.


Q: What expenditures are allowed on a BPO?

A: Supplies (4000 category) and services (5000 category).

Please click here for a list of the 4000 and 5000 categories.

Please click here for the District's determination of a supply.


Q: What expenditures are not allowed?

A: Equipment (6000 Category) is not allowed to be purchased with a BPO.

Please click here for the District's determination of equipment.


Q: Is there a limit on how much a BPO can be opened for?

A: No. A BPO can be opened for $1000.00 or $100,000.00 as long as your budget has the funding.


Q: Can a BPO be increased or decreased?

A: Yes. At any point in time in the fiscal year, the BPO can be decreased or increased (provided you have the funding). If you need to request an increase/decrease to your BPO, please contact Business Services at 619-388-2771.


Q: How can I find out if the vendor I would like to use has been setup in our system?

A: Please call Business Services at 619-388-2771 and ask any of the staff.

If the vendor is not setup in our system, the following forms will need to be filled out by the vendor:

Vendor Intake



Q: I have opened a BPO with a vendor.  What is the next step?

A: Call the vendor and place your order referencing the BPO issued by District Purchasing.


Q: I received an invoice from the vendor? What do I do with the invoice?

A: Please approve for payment on the invoice (okay to pay, approved for payment) and sign/initial and forward it to Business Services, A-102.


Q: If I don’t use all the money in the BPO, do I lose it?

A: No. If you are done using the BPO, you can close it and the money will go back to your budget. Please note that we operate on a fiscal year(July 1, 20XX through June 30, 20XX) and the money in your budget does not roll over to the next year.


***Please confirm with the vendor that they accept BPO’s and call Business Services to see if the vendor is setup in our system. Also, make sure to get all required approval signatures (bottom of requisition form) and include the budget number to charge.***

If you have any questions regarding BPOs, please call Business Services at 619-388-2771 or email us.