hsi grants contacts

(Updated June 2020)
Isabel O'Connor
Vice President of Instruction
(619) 388-2873       A-103
Leticia P. López
HSI Grants
Program Manager
(619) 388-2353       LRC-461
Ikuko McAnally
HSI Grants
Administrative Technician
(619) 388-5974       LRC-462
Fabiola Beas
HSI Grants
Project Assistant
(619) 388-5034       LRC-463
Isabel O'Connor photo Leticia P. Lopez photo Ikuko McAnally photo Fabiola Beas photo
Brian Mackus
Instructional Support Supervisor
(619) 388-2257       LRC-126
Catherine Cannock
STEM Center
Instructional Assistant
(619) 388-5660       LRC-115
Nancy Cortes
Research Analyst
(619) 388-2544       A-109
Irena Stojimirovic
STEM Peer Mentor Coordinator
(619) 388-5885       MS-115K
Brian Mackus photo coming soon photo Nancy Cortes photo Irena Stojimirovic photo
Carole Thompson
STEM Outreach &
Support Coordinator
(619) 388-5034       LRC-463             
Patricia Rodriguez
STEM Counselor
(619) 388-5013       
Pavel Consuegra
Internship Coordinator
(619) 388-5072       BT-104
Shane Briggs
STEM Teacher Ed Activity Director
(619) 388-2388       MS-215Y
Carole Thompson photo Patricia Rodriguez photo Pavel Consuegra photo Shane Briggs photo

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