Classified Professional Learning Committee



Classified Professional Learning Committee
Classified Professional Learning Committee

Classified Professional Learning Committee


The purpose of the Classified Professional Learning Committee (CPL) is to support the college's commitment to investing in and maintaining a highly skilled well trained workforce.

Type: Subcommittee

Reports to: Campus Employee Development (CEL)

Meets: The CPL Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 12:45pm to 2:15pm in the LOFT.  |  View Agendas & Minutes


  1. Align employee career/professional learning with college-wide goals.
  2. Design and administer campus needs assessment to determine the major training topics/areas.
  3. Using the results of the needs assessment, develop, maintain, empower and offer training opportunities.
  4. Enable, enhance and maintain a skilled, competent workforce through continued staff development activities.
  5. Increase the awareness of respect in an inclusive workplace that maximizes the talents of each employee. 
  6. Enhance workplace harmony among all employees.
  7. Continue to use the research function to plan develop and assess training activities
  8. Participate in the college's formal planning process by providing regular reports to the Campus Employee Learning Committee and President's Cabinet.

Membership 2017-2018

  • (1) Professional Learning Coordinator
    (1) Conference Coordinator/Logistics Chair
  • Andy MacNeill
    Dean, LRAS, Filling Professional Learning Coordinator Co-Chair
  • Leanne Kunkee
    Production Services Assistant, Logistics Chair
  • (1) Classified Representative
    (1) Faculty Representative
  • Eva Parrill
    Senior Clerical Assistant, Classified Representative
    Professional Learning Coordinator
  • (1) Classified Representative
  • Rocio Sandoval
    Digital Color Technician, Classified Senate Designee
  • (1) Learning Resource and Academic Support
  • Todd Williamson
    Learning Resource and Academic Support
  • (2) Student Services Representatives
    Student Services Representative
    Student Services Representative
  • (1) Facilities Representative
    (1) IT Representative
  • Eddie Arteaga
    Senior Custodial Crew Leader, Facilities Representative
  • Neil Bhatia
    Instructional Assistant, IT Representative
  • (3) Representatives
  • Consuelo Porto y Taboada
    Senior Account Clerk
  • Leanne Kunkee
    Production Services Assistant
  • Taj George
    Administrative Technician
  • (1) Instructional Lab Tech - Sciences Representative
    (1) Instructional Services Representative (from a school other than Sciences)
    (1) Instructional Services Representative
  • Rachel Schwarz
    Student Accounting
  • Brandon Terrell
    Senior Clerical Assistant, VPI
  • Carlota Vidrio
    Senior Secretary, Humanities
  • (1) Classified Professional Supervisor
  • Kristin Krogh
    Supervisor, Basic Skills Learning Support
  • (1) At Large Representative
  • Ed Helscher
    Faculty, Exercise Science

Additional Information

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CPL Webpage Representatives: Eva Parrill and Todd Williamson