Putting your Plans into Action

It's Showtime: Implementing Your Event

Once you have the President’s Cabinet approval, put your plans into motion.

• Developing a detailed checklist of activities is a great way to move your planning forward and, for annual events, to have plans in place for the following year.

• Be sure to submit all the appropriate budget paperwork in a timeline manner. If you need checks for speakers or vendors, a minimum of a month’s lead time is required.

• If you have question about processing budget paperwork, contact the Business Services office at 619-388-2771.

Click here for more information on Consultant Contracts: http://www.sdmesa.edu/forms/business.cfm

• If you are using new Vendors that are not in the SDCCD system, you and the new vendor need to fill out these forms and submit them to Business Services:

Vendor: fill out the Vendor Intake Form and a W-9

Event Planner: Mesa College Supply and Equipment Requisition

Day Of:

• Let everyone know how to reach the person in charge

• Keep these numbers handy

Media Coverage/Photography: Public Information Officer, Lina Heil, H-400, 388-2759

Campus Police: Sgt. Diana Medero, Q-100 619-322-0690

Emergency Medical Services: Suzanne Khambata, L-504, 388-2774

Facilities, 619-388-2814

• Plan for who is responsible for what

• Set up

• Delivery locations; unloading/loading assistance, equipment

• Vendor coordination

• Decorations, other amenities

• Direction signs created, posted (and removed after event)

• Photography

• AV/Video Recording

• Cleanup plans