Approval Process

NOTE: Only Deans/Administrators/Leads with approval authority should be forwarding the Major Events Form to the VPs and their secretaries.

APPROVAL PROCESS: Deans/Administrators with Approval Authority

  • Send MAJOR EVENTS FORM, and any FLYERS electronically to the VPI or VPSS with a cc to the respective VP's secretary at least two weeks prior to the next President’s Cabinet meeting.
  • Paperwork will follow the standard chain of approvals, but now electronically
  • Handwritten signatures are not required; just type your name and date on the appropriate line of the form and forward.

APPROVAL PROCESS: VPs, President's Office, President's Cabinet

  • VPs: Review, approve, and forward to the President’s Executive Assistant electronically.
  • Executive Assistant to the President: Forward the completed forms to voting members of the Cabinet for advance review.
  • President’s Cabinet The major event item will be discussed during the President’s Cabinet meeting only if there are questions or concerns from the voting body. In the event there are questions from the Cabinet, those knowledgeable about the Major Events will be notified and should be present.