Major Events

Welcome to the Mesa College Major Events Page!

This page was created to help Mesa College faculty and staff plan and create successful events, and to provide access and links to the forms and information necessary to plan and obtain permission for your event. If you are a community member who is interested in holding an event on campus please visit our Community Use of Campus Facilities page.

What is a Major Event? A major event is any on-campus event that involves more than 50 people and has a college-wide impact, and any event that is open to the public, regardless of number of attendees.

Some recuring campus and instructional events do not require a Major Events form. These are:

  • Instructional events that are tied to curriculum, including dance and theatrical performances, athletics, and Art Gallery exhibits.
  • Annual, pre-approved campus events (Commencement, Scholarship Gala)

Begin your planning early. Even if it's a smaller event, getting your event on the calendar assures you placement, location, and a better turn-out. Remember that no contracts, commitments, flyers, invitations, etc. can be put into action until the Major Event Form has been approved by President’s Cabinet.

New To Event Planning?

See full details and instructions in Drop-down Menu at Left under "Read."

What's Your Role and Responsibility?

The following clarifies the roles for the organizers and administrators at all levels.

  • If you're new to event planning, read through "Planning Process" at left.
  • Obtain your supervisor/department/administrator's approval for your event.
  • Fill out the MAJOR EVENTS FORM. The form (the link is provided at left) is available online as a fillable Word Document. The file cannot be stored online and should be saved using "Save As" to your computer. (Makes next year's form a snap!)
  • Budget and funding must be in place before submitting a major events form.

NOTE: Only Deans/Administrators/Leads with approval authority should be forwarding the Major Events Form to the VPs and their secretaries.

  • Complete the MAJOR EVENTS FORM and save it to your computer. (Don't forget this step as the form is NOT forwarded automatically!)
  • Obtain appropriate approvals. Note that approvals are now done electronically. Handwritten signatures are not required; just type your name and date on the appropriate line of the form and forward. to the event lead.
  • Re-save the file with the signatures typed in. Once all the "signatures" have been received, re-save the file and forward to the VPI or VPSS.
  • Send the current MAJOR EVENTS FORM, and any FLYERS electronically via email to the VPI or VPSS with a cc to the respective VP's secretary at least two weeks prior to the next President’s Cabinet meeting.
  • VPs: Review, approve, and forward to the President’s Executive Assistant electronically. Do not forward if the form is incomplete or lack approriate signatures, and if you have questions.
  • Executive Assistant to the President: Forward the completed forms to voting members of the Cabinet for advance review.
  • President’s Cabinet: The major event item will be distributed to members via email. Discussion during the President’s Cabinet meeting will occur only if there are questions or concerns from the voting body. In the event there are questions from the Cabinet, those knowledgeable about the Major Events will be notified and should be present.