Humanities Institute

About the Humanities Institute

Since it began as a campus-wide initiative in September of 1990, the Humanities Institute has supported the work of faculty and staff to bring diverse programming/events (including organizing and sponsoring conferences, guest speaker series, and community partnerships) to Mesa College. In the past, this was made possible by having a full-time faculty member and staff support to coordinate this level of work with the campus.

Mission Statement

The Mesa College Humanities Institute serves as an internal vehicle for cultural, interdisciplinary, and Mesa College community priorities. All institute activities are intended to increase student engagement, recruitment, and retention.

Request for Funding 2018-2019 School Year will be released in April 2018

CLICK FOR FUNDING PROPOSAL for Fall 2018  & Spring 2019  

The current Humanities Institute works to:

  • Provide a funding base for faculty and staff to use for coordinating/organizing programs/events that promote our mission of working to serve as an internal vehicle for cultural, Interdisciplinary and San Diego Mesa College community priorities.
  • Provide support to complete paperwork related to funded programming/events.
  • Provide a network of campus and community partners for publicizing programming/events through email and print.

Resources for the Humanities

 For more information contact: George Ye, Humanities Institute Coordinator,  /  619-388-2304.


2018 - 2019 Grant Recipients

 Excavating the Mystery                                                   Mary Ross

14 Annual Language Conference                                   Michael Harris

Call to the Canyon                                                          Waverly Ray

Constitution Day 2018                                                    Courtney Lee

“Arrival” Stories of the Immigrant Experience                 John Polak

19th Annual Women’s History Month                              Women’s Studies

Chicano/Latino Heritage Celebration                              Manuel Velez

Career Presentation Panel (APAI)                                  Shirley Flor

Career and Majors Fair                                                   Anne Hedekin

International Education Day                                           Languages

Day of the Dead Celebration                                          Languages

Emerging Voices: Revealing True Identities                   Jorge Villalobos

Native American History Month                                      Michael Cox

Annual Cesar Chavez Celebration                                 Chicano Studies

25 Anniversary Mesa Visions                                          Jennifer Derilo             

Sariling Atin: We are Our Stories                                    English Department

Vagina Monologues                                                         Art History, Spanish

Master Class Dramatic Arts                                             Kris Clark

Chinese Culture Celebration: Moon Festival                   Shannon Shi

Festival of Colors                                                              Judy Sundayo

Black History Month Celebration                                      Judy Sundayo