Mesa Student Services Council
Mesa Student Services Council

Mesa Student Services Council


Mesa Student Services Council serves as the primary forum through which information is shared and dialogue is fostered around:

• Student Services issues, programs, and services.
• Best Student Services practices that promote student success, equity, and learning outcomes.
• College goals and Student Services’ role in accomplishing them.

Type: Operational

Reports to: President's Cabinet (PCAB), Student Services

Meets: The Mesa Student Services Council meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 2:00pm to 4:00pm  |  View Agendas & Minutes


  1. Strengthen pathways in Student Services to promote access, learning, success, and engagement for our diverse student population.
  2. Systematically use data to inform decision-making in Student Services.
  3. Advance innovative methods of service delivery to students, including the use of technology.
  4. Enhance the effectiveness of partnerships and collaborations.
  5. Promote and support professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.
  6. Promote a safe learning environment for students and employees.

Membership 2019-2020

  • (1) Vice President, Student Services
  • Ashanti Hands, Ed.D.
    Vice President, Student Services
  • (1) Dean, Student Affairs
    (1) Dean, Student Development
    (1) Dean, Student Success & Equity
  • Ailene Crakes
    Dean, Student Development
  • Larry Maxey
    Dean, Student Success & Equity
  • Victoria Miller
    Dean, Student Affairs
  • (2) Representatives
  • Leticia Diaz
    Manager, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services
  • Suzanne Khambata
    Director, Student Health Services
  • (7) Representatives
  • Ivonne Alvarez
    Supervisor II, Admissions, Veterans, Records
  • Raquel Aparico
    Supervisor I, Admissions
  • Claudia Estrada-Howell
    Supervisor, Transfer, Career, Evaluations
  • Lynn Dang
    Supervisor, Accounting
  • Victoria Hernandez
    Supervisor, Veterans and Records
  • Charlie Lieu
    College Technical Analyst
  • Andrew Tanjuaquio
    Supervisor, Counseling
  • (5) Representatives
  • Linda Gibbons-Croft
    Coordinator, Mental Health
  • Anne Hedekin
    Faculty Coordinator, Transfer
  • Ericka Higginbotham
    Faculty Coordinator, DSPS
  • Leroy Johnson
    Department Chair, Counseling
  • Karla Trutna
    Coordinator, Outreach & Assessment, Promise, Testing & Assessment
  • (2) Representatives
  • Gilda Maldonado
    Officer, Financial Aid
  • Agustin Rivera, Jr.
    Officer, Student Support Services
  • (1) President, Associated Students
    (1) Vice President, Associated Students
  • Taylor Carpenter
    President, Associated Students
  • Cam Hin
    Vice President, Associated Students
  • (1) Academic Senate Representative
    (1) Classified Senate Representative
    Representative, Academic Senate
  • Johanna Aleman
    Representative, Classified Senate
  • (1) Representative
  • Ryan Shumaker
    Dean, Exercise Sciences, Health Education, Dance, and Athletics
  • (3) Representatives
  • Catherine Cannock 
    IA, HSI
  • Kyung Ae Jun
    Research and Planning Analyst
  • Leticia Lopez,
    Manager, Title III & V
  • Mark Manasse
    Faculty Coordinator, Tutoring/MT2C

Additional Information

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